Sequence (filmmaking)

In the film , a sequence is a series of scenes that is distinctly distinct, which is usually connected to one another by unity of location or unity of time . For example, heist film may include an extended recruitment sequence in which the leader of the gang collects the conspirators, a robbery sequence, an escape sequence, and so on. Each of these sequences might further contain sub-sequences; for example, the robbery sequence might consist of an entry sequence, a safe-cracking sequence, and so on. Read more “Sequence (filmmaking)”

Scream queen

scream queen (a wordplay is queen screen [1] ) is an actress Who has Become associated with horror movies , Either through year appearance in a notable entry in the genre as a frequent victim or through constant appearances as the female protagonist . Jamie Lee Curtis is noted as a seminal example for her performances in the popular slasher films of the Halloween franchise. [2] In recent years, the male counterpart has been labeled a scream king . Read more “Scream queen”