wound is an object around which lengths of another material (usually long and flexible) are wound for storage. Generally a reel has a cylindrical core and walls on the sides to retain the material wound around the core. In some cases the core is hollow, yet other items may be mounted on it, and grips may exist for mechanically turning the reel. Read more “Real”

Recce (filmmaking)

Recce / r ɛ k i / [1] is a military term That has-been borrowed by Media Production in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, derived from ” recognition ” in the noun sense and ” reconnoitre ” in the verb sense. It refers to a pre-filming visit to a location for determining its suitability for shooting , including access to necessary facilities and assessment of any potential lighting or sound issues, and is closely related to location scouting . Read more “Recce (filmmaking)”

Movie poster

film poster is a poster used to promote and advertise a film . Studios often print several posters and vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets. They normally contain an image with text. Today’s posters feature feature photographs of the main actors. Prior to the 1990s, illustrations instead of photos were far more common. The text on film is usually present in the film title in large letters and the names of the main actors. It may also include a tagline , the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc. Read more “Movie poster”

Public and private screening

public screening is the showing of moving pictures to an audience in a public place. The event screened May be live Recorded gold, free gold paid , and May use film, video , broadcast method gold Such As satellite or closed-circuit television . Popular events for public screenings include movies , sporting events, and concerts . Private screening refers to the screening of a commercially made film to a group of people somewhere other than one of their homes. Private screening can be legally complex, as the rules and regulations vary from country to country. Read more “Public and private screening”

Replica prop

prop replica is a collectible recreation of a movie or television prop That Is Intended to Accurately re-create the item as it Appeared in the original media. Work was prop replica can Range from the use of resin to cast a copy of an existing item, the modification of an existing product That May-have-been used by a property master, and the utilization of electrical components for added functionality – Such As lighting effects and sound. Read more “Replica prop”