Alternative title

An alternative title is a media sales device most prominently used in film distribution . Books and films are distributed under a different title when they are screened or sold in a different country. This can vary from small changes to the title, Such As the addition of The , to wholesale changes. Movie titles are also often changed when they are released on DVD or VHS . Read more “Alternative title”

All persons fictitious disclaimer

An all persons fictitious disclaimer is a disclaimer in which a work of media states that all persons portrayed in it are fictitious. This is done to Reduce the possibility of legal actions for libel from Any Person Who Believes That he or she has-been libeled via Their portrayal in the work (whether portrayed under Their real name or a different name) or believe que la work is real. Read more “All persons fictitious disclaimer”

Absolute movie

Absolute film is a film movement by the group of visionary artists in Germany in the 1920s: Hans Richter , Walter Ruttmann , Oskar Fischinger and the Swede Viking Eggeling .

These artists present different approaches to abstraction-in-motion: a similar to music, or the creation of an absolute language of form, a desire common to early abstract art. Ruttmann wrote of his film work as ‘painting in time.’ They used rudimentary handicraft, techniques, and language in their short films that could not be represented in the visual arts. Read more “Absolute movie”

1000 Crore Club

1000 Crore Club is an unofficial designation by the Indian film trade and related media, related to Indian language films that have grossed ₹ 1000 crore (10 trillion Indian rupees ) or more worldwide. It emerged in May 2017 , when two Indian films ran the ₹ 1,000 crore (US $ 160 million) milestone. [1] The South Indian film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion becomes the first Indian film to gross over 1000 crore worldwide. [2] It was followed by the Aamir Khan starring Bollywood movie Dangal, Qui est the Highest grossing Indian movie , Expanding the club to 1700 crore, [3] 1800 crore [4] and 1900 crore, [5] before Creating the ₹ 2,000 crore (US $ 310 million) club, [6] and Becoming The fifth highest-grossing no English language movie of all time. The 1000 crore club was preceded by the 100 crore club . Read more “1000 Crore Club”

100 Crore Club

100 Crore Club is an unofficial designation by the Indian film trade and the media, related to Indian language films that have net ₹ 100 crore (1 trillion Indian rupees ) or more in India after deducting the entertainment tax . [1] By 2012, the ₹ 100 crore (US $ 16 million) box office target had become “a new benchmark for a film to be declared a hit”, [2] and those affiliated with the 100 Crore Club were considered part of the “elite strata” within the Bollywood movie community. [3]It was succeeded by the 1000 Crore Club in 2017. Read more “100 Crore Club”