Production sets

production set is a place constructed to create the illusion of a real or imagined place. In filmmaking there are many reasons to use a real rental location. Factors such as budget , time, the need to control the environment, or the fact that the place does not exist Sets are normally constructed on a studio film backlot or sound stage , but any place has been modified to give the feel of another place is a set. Read more “Production sets”

Production board

A traditional production board , stripboard , gold production is a filmmaking term for a cardboard or wooden displaying color-coded paper strips, each containing information about a scene in the film’s shooting script . The strips can be rearranged and laid out to be able to fit the order one wants to film, providing a schedule that can be used to plan the production. This is done because most films are shot “out of sequence,” meaning that they do not necessarily begin with the first scene and end with the last. For logistical Purposes, scenes are Often grouped by skill or rent and are Arranged to Accommodate the schedules ofcast and crew . A production board is not used with a stripboard used for electronics prototyping. Read more “Production board”

Production babies

Production is born to anyone involved in the making of a film during its production . The phrase refers to a section of the closing credits of movies, listing the babies’ given names . The custom of publishing lists of production with animated films , and is still chiefly found in that genre, reflecting the influence of family experiences on storytelling in such films. [1] Read more “Production babies”