An outtake is a portion of a work (usually a film or music recording ) that is removed in the editing process and not included in the work’s final, a publicly released version. In the digital era, significant outtakes have been appended to CD and DVD reissue of many albums and movies as bonus features or features, in film often, but not always, for the sake of humor. In terms of photos, an outtake may also be used in the original set of photos (ie photo shoots and digitals). Read more “outtake”

Oscar season

The Oscar season is the time in which Hollywood studios release their more critically acclaimed films, hoping to win at the Academy Awards . Oscar season usually begins in the late-fall and early-winter, around November, and ends on December 31st of that year. [1] ALTHOUGH the qui dates in the summer blockbuster season ends and the Oscar season begins are ambiguous, and depend on the year. Read more “Oscar season”

Oscar bait

Oscar bait is a term used in the film community for movies that appear for the purpose of earning nominations for Academy Awards or “Oscars”, as they are known known. [1] They are usually released just in advance of Oscar season , late in the calendar year, so as to meet the minimum requirements for the admissibilité awards and be fresh in the minds of Oscar voters. The prestige or acclaim of the studio may be awarded to the film or to the film box. some movies may be depending on it to turn a profit. [2] [3] [4] [5] Read more “Oscar bait”

Official film and television co-production in Australia

An international film or television co-production is a production made by production companies in different countries. This note focuses on ‘official’ Australian co-productions, that is, co-productions that meet the requirements for benefits under the Australian Official Co-Production Program. It looks at trends in production, the potential impact of recent changes to film funding, and what lies ahead for Australia’s involvement in co-production. Read more “Official film and television co-production in Australia”

Noddy (TV technical interview)

Noddy headshots or noddies are a type of camera shot in interviews or interviews. The noddies consist of nods and other similar “listening gestures” made by the interviewer. If only one camera is available at the interview site, then these shots are recorded after the interview takes place. The shots are spliced ​​into the interview during the editing process. This technical editing is universally “read” by audiences as expressing realism and therefore creates the illusion of a seamless dialogue in the interview. Read more “Noddy (TV technical interview)”