In cinema , a making-of , also known as behind-the-scenes , the set or on the set is a documentary film that features the production of a film or television program . This is often referred to as the EPK ( electronic press kit ), as it is used as a promotional tool, or as a competitive feature for the DVD movie .

Feature length documentaries on the making of other movies has become a movie genre in its own right. The making-of movie may be more important than the movie itself. In the box of Lost in La Mancha , The Making of the Killed Don Quixote , and finally the making of the film was the only part of the film production to see a commercial release as a theatrical documentary feature.

Shorter making-of documentaries are Often used as a DVD bonus is, as it offers more insight into the film, how it Was Made, and credit to the movie crew . Occasionally, some movies have included a “making of the making-of” as a joke. [1] The making-of is also often released for TV as part of the promotion of the film.

Examples of feature-length making-ofs

  • Examples of documentaries as bonus features Burden of Dreams , the Fitzcarraldo making-of
  • Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse , The Apocalypse Now Making-Of
  • Lost in La Mancha , the failed Man Who Killed Don Quixote making-of
  • Wrath of Gods , the Beowulf & Grendel making-of
  • The Matrix Revisited ( straight-to-DVD ), The Matrix making-of
  • Season 29 ( straight-to-DVD ), Bart Goes West making-of
  • The Shark Is Still Working ( straight-to-DVD ), documentary on the making and impact of the 1975 film Jaws .
  • His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday The 13th ( straight-to-DVD ), documentary on the making and the impact of the Friday The 13th horror film series
  • The Psycho Legacy ( straight-to-DVD ), documentary on the making and impact of the Psycho film series.
  • Rocky Horror Double Feature Show (1995), documentary on the making of the Rocky Horror Picture Show , released on DVD of the movie itself
  • The Making of Psycho (1997), documentary on the making of Psycho , released on DVD of the movie itself
  • The 12 Days of Black Christmas (2008), documentary on the making of Black Christmas , released on DVD of the movie itself
  • Plotting Family Plot (2001), documentary on the making of Family Plot , released on DVD of the movie itself
  • Halloween Unmasked (2000), documentary on the making of Halloween , released on DVD of the movie itself