Media Block

Media Block or Integrated Media Block is a component in a digital cinema projection system. Its purpose is to transfer the data from a DCP server to the DCI anti- piracy encryption requirements.


The term “Media Block” refers to a device attached directly to the motherboard of a DCP server. The media block is usually connected to the projector by dual-link SDI cables. A media block is limited to 2K output processing , downscaling 4K DCPs if necessary.

The term “Integrated Media Block” (IMB) Refers to a device attached to the projector, qui picture Receives data from the server, usually via a Cat6 Ethernet connection. They can process 2K and 4K output.

Security Features

Upon ingestion into a DCP server, KDMS are Stored one flash memory in the media or block IMB. A KDM is written to enable the playback of a specific DCP on a specific media block or IMB, identified by its serial number during the authoring process. Media blocs and IMBs also contain a secure file that is set in the factory, which the DCP servers to which they are attached to determine showtimes. The secure clock prevents the server from being encrypted by the KDM (eg after it has expired) by simply changing the date and time in the BIOS . Media blocks and IMBs also typically include anti-tamper devices, designed to self-destruct the unit if unauthorized modification of its hardware