Movieoke / m u v i oʊ k i / (Japanese:ムービーオケ[mɯːbiːoke] ) is a form of entertainment in qui year amateur actor or actors perform along with a muted DVD in order to give voice to the character in the film. The film is projected onto a screen behind the actor MovieOne is a popular form of performative and interactive entertainment created by Anastasia Fite in New York City in 2003, and has since spread to other parts of the world.

Word origin
The word “stems from the English word” movie “and the Japanese word” karaoke “, which itself is stuck from the word kara (空), meaning” empty “, and the English word” orchestra “. This term is used for the pre-recorded acting of a live performance. The term movie can be interpreted as “virtual movie” because it can be played with the presence of a camera or crew.

Karaoke has been a common form of musical entertainment at a dinner or a party in Japan, as in the rest of the world, for several decades.

Its newest cousin Movieoke, Was created and lancé by Anastasia Fite in a screening room / bar in The East Village of New York City in 2003. A projector is connected to a DVD player so que la picture is cast onto a screen behind the participant (s), an alternate monitor is located in front of the participant in order to provide them with line and action from the film. Anastasia would be the voice of the actor (s) in the film so that the participant could give voice to the character in the film, much to the audience’s participation and delight.

The first cultural reference for Moviebird came from the 1993 film Arizona Dream starring Johnny Depp , Jerry Lewis and Vincent Gallo . One of the characters performs a version of MovieOne (though does not mention the word movie). Vincent Gallo’s character Paul Leger Performs a step by step remake of the famous crop dusting scene from Alfred Hitchcock ‘s North by Northwest as the movie is projected over _him_ on stage. Slightly different from East Moviebird Village in the film is still present, Gallo syncs with the actor’s dialogue on stage.

Since these early MovieOne events, other businesses have been made to make a change in the world, they have been involved in this process. KaraMovie Inc., who introduced the MoXie Player in 2006 the internet.

Released in November 2008, the Xbox 360 Game “You’re in the Movies” could be considered the latest incarnation of the movie theme. While players do not reenact scenes from famous movies, but rather direct and act in their own movies-much of the actions and verisimilitude is the same as Movieoke.

Live MovieOne events for the audience still takes place periodically around the world.