Muhurat shot

In Indian movies the muhuratam shot is the first shot ( take ) of a movie marking the beginning of the main photography . It is preceded by a pooja (religious rites). [1] Muhuratam is a word from the Rig Veda and means moment. Contemporarily it means “auspicious moment” [2]

Description in literature

A character in Shashi Tharoor ‘s Show Business: A Novel muses “The Muhurat of Any film, the auspicious moment When the opening shot is canned, is not an event icts star is Supposed to miss … Muhuratams are packed with oversized Individuals in their garlands and thighs gleaming with synthetic sheen … their tendency is to drape refulgent garlands on every available tripod, clapper, or neck.I’m happy to avoid any case, marigolds make me sneeze. ” [3] A news story covering the release of Bob Christo autobiography Flashback: My Life and Times in Bollywood and Beyond, carries an excerpt in which Christo asks “What is a mahuratam”, “That’s an inauguration” he is told. [4]


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